I'm a Master Esthetician—17 Products That Should Be Staples in Your Routine

“I truly believe I’ve been an esthetician at heart since I was about 10 years old,” Godsick tells me. “I was that friend with egg yolk on her face at sleepovers or mixing an avocado mask for my mom to try. I suffered with acne from a young age, and I wanted to figure out how to manage it. I think life takes you down certain paths, and I genuinely believe that, no matter which turn I took, I would have ended up in the same position.” As she gained experience and had the opportunity to work with luxury spas and dermatologists, Godsick found herself gravitating toward a side of the industry that emphasized the efficacy of medical-grade treatments, which ultimately led to her niche—helping clients dealing with severe skin conditions while simultaneously providing a five-star spa facial experience. This, essentially, is how the LA Skin Club was born. “To say it plainly, I envisioned creating a space that gives you real results with a bit of pampering to escape your day for a few hours,” notes Godsick. 

Godsick’s skin is so glowy and healthy looking that it practically sparkles, and considering her amazing experience working with and testing out the industry’s best brands and products, I had to ask her to share her lineup of ride-or-die beauty products with me. Yes, there are plenty of A+ skincare picks in the mix, but she’s also sharing beauty staples she can’t live without. Keep scrolling! 

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