I'm a Former Nordstrom Buyer, and These are 8 Investment Pieces I’m Still Wearing 3 Years Later

Whether you’re the kind of fashion lover who likes to test-drive every trend or prefers a more uniform style of dressing, there are a handful of items that are essential to nearly every wardrobe. According to Susie Wright, former Nordstrom buyer and stylist, just eight pieces are worth the extra investment.

Of course, Wright recommends investing in timeless pieces like trench coats and designer bags that can be worn for literal decades. They might require a bit of maintenance after repeated wear and tear, but you truly cannot buy the patina that develops on a well-loved bag over time. Conversely, items worn regularly like jeans and T-shirts can deteriorate quickly if they are not made of quality materials. So, it can be more cost-effective (not to mention much more sustainable) to buy better quality pieces. They might be a bit more expensive now, but when you spread out the cost-per-wear over the years, the difference is tangible, both on your budget and the garment itself.

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