I'm a Fitness-Loving Fashion Editor, These Are My 5 Go-To Leggings

I’ve had many addictions in my time—Nutella, Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse (I was 14 at the time), and more recently, the last series of Curb Your Enthusiasm. But what’s taken more space in my life than even Larry David of late, is exercise. Not a 2024 resolution, I’m more of the mantra ‘new year, same old me,’ but since joining 1Rebel last year before my wedding, I have found a new love for working out. 

More for my mental health than anything else, I’ve found that a variety of classes is what I need to actually enjoy the gym. Of course, the sexy changing rooms, fit with GHD straighteners, beauty products and a fridge filled with frozen towels also helps. In light of my new-found obsession, I’ve bought more fitness gear than clothing in the last 6 months, and as such, have become an expert in the perfect leggings for every type of exercise—be it running, yoga or spin. 

Where once I didn’t really think about different leggings for running or pilates, I now find myself digging into my drawers to find what I consider the perfect pair each morning when I pack my bag depending on the class I’m doing that day. 

WWW_Gym Leggings

(Image credit: Rebecca Rhys-Evans)

It goes without saying that for many of us, leggings have a place in our wardrobe outside of the gym. And so they should! Comfortable, practical and actually very of chic, they’ve rightfully replaced the skinny jean when wanting a form-fitting silhouette. Some are better than others for such occasions, Vuori’s seamless AllTheFeels leggings are my first choice when considering leggings outside of athleisure. With knee high black boots and an oversized cashmere jumper and these are perfection. When it comes to styling them in a more casual way, for example with sneakers, a sweater and big sports socks (my weekend uniform), Adanola is my go-to. I love the colours that their sets come in, as someone who is usually an ‘only black’ and ‘no print’ workout-wear person, they offer lots of muted dark earthy tones that are a welcome alternative.

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