I'm a Brit Living in Paris—4 Winter Dress Outfits I'm Copying From French Women

Firstly, the relevance of statement outerwear pieces. Timeless (yet statement) outwear has pride of place in many French women’s wardrobes — from fluffy trim vinyl to double-faced aviator jackets and longline leather coats. Secondly, there’s ingenuity when it comes to the use of layers without a coat swallowing an outfit whole— be it tights or knee-high boots. The trick is usually layers and length, however, French women are known to wear knitted mini-dresses during the winter whilst bearing their pins. Another much-loved dress style in Paris is a mini puff sleeve boycon knit worn with elongated boots, or dresses worn with opaque tights and mules. Admittedly it’s a little non-conventional, but it works. 

This season, I’ve also introduced brown-hued frocks into my arsenal, to incorporate elements of nature — parks littered with crisp foliage, the glossy lacquer of fallen conkers and such. I’m romanticising winter if you will. If like me you’re determined to prolong the wear out of your dresses, keep scrolling for some inspiration on how French women are wearing dresses this winter.

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