If You're Looking for a New Watch, These Are the Chicest Styles to Ever Consider

Life is full of decisions. Whilst some seem important but aren’t, like which pizza topping to pick or what colour your next gel mani should be, others, like which watch to invest in, actually take careful consideration. For most, selecting the correct timepieces is a lengthy process as—let’s be honest—they can come with a hefty price tag and are something you want to wear for decades, perhaps pass down for generations and need to compliment all facets of your personal style. 

When considering the best watches for women, it’s no secret that they’re often not thought of as a quote-unquote must-have or trending piece. Shoes and handbags seem to follow a faster-paced trend cycle and create more hype, but watches? Well, timepieces on the other hand are—erm—timeless, which somehow manages to make them almost more difficult to decide on. They’re also an accessory to be worn everyday, so where a shoe you can swap depending on the outfit or weather, a watch can be an investment for all occasions and must be versatile enough to suit its job.

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