If You Want to Look Chic This Winter, These New-In Zara Buys Will Make It Happen

Whenever a new season starts, especially one as stylistically relevant as winter, it’s easy to feel like you need to spend lots of money on making your wardrobe feel fresh again. I’ve moved between this winter and last, so most of my cold-weather clothes have been in boxes for the last nine months, and I’ll admit, I was somewhat deflated when I unearthed my winter wares; none of them seemed to fill me with joy. A gut reaction may be to open your laptop, head to your favourite store and feverishly add new pieces to your basket. What I suggest, however, if using the same time you’d spend online shopping to give your old winter clothes some love; iron them, steam them, press them—get them looking as sharp as you can. Then start trying them on. Explore new combinations and pair things with items you previously wouldn’t have thought to. Sure, not all outcomes will be winners, but I guarantee this will give you a newfound appreciation for pieces you already own.

Now, assuming you’ve done this just as I have, you’ve hopefully discovered that you don’t need a whole new wardrobe to get you through the winter in style. Instead, you may have identified a gap or two that needs filling, or a space for something more trend-led. Cue Zara’s winter 2023 collection. 

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