I Went Shopping in Paris—6 Staples French Sales Associates Say Cool People Are Into

Some people come to Paris for the croissants, some for the art, and some for the shopping. I’m drawn to the city for all of the above, but there’s just something about shopping in Paris that will always be a next-level experience. There is quite the selection of department stores, and while many tourists gather around the popular spots in the 9th arrondissement, I like finding something off the beaten path. Think vintage stores in Le Marais. Recently, I found La Samaritaine. The historic shopping destination feels tucked away from the overly crowded streets that surround a lot of the other popular department stores and feels a little bit more elevated.

During my first visit, I had the chance to visit the private styling suites, where elite shoppers discover their personal style, and learned quickly the dos and don’ts according to the French stylists who help their clients navigate the endless racks of clothing. I was surprised to learn that some trends and designers were looked down upon but happy to discover that I was obsessed with the replacements the stylist suggested. Below, discover the six things I’m shopping thanks to what I learned during my French shopping spree.

1. White Pants

sierra mayhew wearing white pants and a pink blouse in paris

While jeans have always been a classic wardrobe staple among Americans and French alike, the team at La Samaritaine told me that shoppers are starting to prioritize elegant white trousers instead, styling them with anything.

2. Romantic Blouses

emmanuelle wearing a romantic blouse dress

The fashion crowd has been buzzing about the most recent Chloé collection, and the French stylists I spoke to said their shoppers agree. On my flight back, the business class only airline La Compagnie had an in-flight fashion show and I was gathering a lot of inspiration. The bohemian blouses worn by the models mirrored this vibe, so naturally I’m sold.

3. Sheer Anything

french shopping trends

Another nod to the Chloé vibe we’re after, La Samaritaine’s stylists also mentioned sheer being popular among their luxury shoppers. They suggested skipping overhyped brands and buying into the JW Andersons of the world instead.

4. Khaki

emma leger wearing khaki jacket and blue jeans

The utility movement has gone through many waves and looks like it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. They mentioned supplementing camel for this warm green shade in the neutral department.

5. Sequins for Everyday

coco bassey wearing sequin hot pants and a trench coat

During my visit, we discussed sequins because how could you not? French stylists mentioned that sequins are having a “massive comeback and are no longer just for going out.” Finding ways to style them for the daytime is the ultimate vibe.