I Wanted the Same Scent for My Skin, Car, and Home—This Brand Makes It Possible

Fragrance has become the blueprint of my aura. You can tell my mood for the day by the fragrance I’ve chosen. But I didn’t know you could have the same scent for your home, your car, and even your skin until I discovered Aroma360, a fragrance brand that keeps your entire life smelling fresh. 

It was the brand’s scent Fly by Lisa Hochstein that introduced me to this magic. I first became familiar with Hochstein while bingeing The Real Housewives of Miami and fell in love with her fragrance shortly after. What makes her scent unique is that it comes in the form of a perfume as well, so I got to work on setting up the scent pods in my home. I immediately fell in love with it for hosting since people who come to my home for a cocktail might recognize that my home has the same scent as my perfume. Below, learn more about why I love this fragrance.

lisa hochstein aroma360 fly by lisa

I’ve been testing out the scent diffuser for a few weeks now, and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. Even though I have it set up in one corner of my room, I find that it somehow evenly distributes throughout my space. When people come over, I receive instant compliments on how great it smells. It’s wireless, so I can move it to wherever I see fit, and the rose-gold design is my favorite thing about it. Hochstein spoke to me about how this scent came to life.

lisa hochstein aroma360 fly by lisa

What role does fragrance play in your life?

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