I Thought These Trends Disappeared in the 2010s—Now They're Back and I'm Not Mad

The year is 2010, your friends have just texted your Blackberry to ask if you’re going clubbing, so you pull out your LBD and caged heels. I was 20 years old back then, so this is, of course exactly what I would be doing at the weekend. My wardrobe consisted mainly of Topshop skinny jeans that I had to lay on the floor to wriggle into, leather jackets and bodycon dresses (again, all super tight) and stacks of statement jewellery that I’d pile on all together. 

Whilst heading out for 79p drinks at University in Northampton is a thing of the past, I can say that 2023 does feel the most similar—fashion-wise—to this memorable time in my life. Firstly, the disk waist-belt (you know the one) is back, and even though I loved it in the early noughties, I never thought it would have a resurgence.

When it comes to necklaces, statement pendant, chain and beaded styles are key this season. Leather jackets and cardigans are back as the coolest cover-ups, and denim shorts are having a moment—even if they’re not the hotpants formally worn by Beyoncé, Kate Moss and co. 

Here are the seven 2010s fashion trends that will always back around, and where you can shop them right now, if you’re feeling nostalgic. 

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