I Thought All Work Shoes Were Boring Until I Saw These 5 On-Trend Styles

As someone who works full-time from home, I fluctuate between feeling envious of my office-going friends and grateful that I don’t have to decipher a confusing workplace dress code. Every office is different, and years of lockdown have generally relaxed the rules, but fashion-related questions linger: Are jeans permissible? Can I get away with an above-the-knee hemline? And when asked to wear ‘smart shoes’, just how smart are we talking?

It seems to be generally agreed upon that having your toes on show is pushing the boundary slightly, but it’s hard to know how much fun you can have with your footwear in the workplace. This particular dilemma has never been more pressing, with so many exciting new shoe trends to tap into this season. And if you spend 40 hours a week in the office, that limits the time you have to try them all out. Seems pretty unfair to us.

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