I Put an £1400 LED Facial Device to the Test—These Are My Honest Thoughts

If there is one beauty category that has totally boomed in the past couple of years, it is the rise of at-home beauty devices. However, I’m pretty sceptical about the majority of at-home skincare devices, particularly their effectiveness and the claims that they make. For example, micro-needling in a clinic versus an at-home “micro-needling” rollers are worlds apart. Although, the latter are often marketed to lead to you to believe that you’ll achieve similar results. Effective in-clinic treatments deliver potent results and can therefore only be delivered by highly qualified therapists. In my mind’s eye, you just can’t achieve the same results at home—for the most part.

Many at-home LED masks have been springing up on the market, and I became curious if they could really be worth it. And when I heard that acclaimed facialist Shani Darden (whose clients include Emily Ratajkowski and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) had partnered with Déesse to launch her own at-home LED mask, I was instantly intrigued and especially curious about what could command an £1400 price tag.

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