I Have Classic, Minimalist Style—5 Cool Brands I'm Shopping in 2024

One of the many joys of a “less trend, more timeless” approach to fashion lies in investing in quality rather than quantity. As this week happens to be Denim Week at Who What Wear UK, I thought it best to start by introducing you to E.L.V DENIM, which takes on a new level of refinement. Not only are the brand’s contemporary cuts instantly recognisable (which is unusual for denim, let’s be honest), its conscious approach to crafting from upcycled pieces makes it a conscious choice for the planet. Win-win. 

Other brands that I consistently look towards include Arch4 and Another Tomorrow, both of which also provide a treasure trove of seasonless staples, from impeccably tailored blazers to versatile dresses that feel appropriate for work, but also for dinner or drinks straight from the office. Then there’s &Daughter, which has a nostalgic charm to its craftsmanship and is truly my go-to for knitwear, whereas Nanushka—which is known for its buttery soft vegan leather—I can best describe as basics for the ultimate fashion lover. 

With these brands, versatility prevails, and my wardrobe can transcend from the ephemerality of viral trends or “aesthetics”. Whilst I continue to navigate the realms of online shopping in 2024, a selected few brands have become my style champions, ensuring that my wardrobe reflects not just the mood of the moment but a capsule wardrobe that I can rely on time and again.

Have I piqued your interest? Keep scrolling for my ultimate picks from the new minimalist brands to know.

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