I Don’t Have Time for a High-Maintence Bob, so Getting One of These Relaxed Styles

Is anyone else avoiding getting a bob hairstyle because it seems really high maintenance? Two of my friends recently got blunt-bob haircuts, and although they look amazing, both of them said that straightening and styling their hair every day is becoming a bit of a pain. As someone who prioritises sleep and likes to be able to jump out of bed and get ready in ten minutes or less, I just know that this haircut wouldn’t work for me. I’m a low-maintenance girl through and through, and I need my beauty routine to fit in with my busy lifestyle.

So, when I saw more and more people on my Instagram feeds opting for a relaxed bob hairstyle, it’s safe to say that I was immediately intrigued. These more laidback iterations of the popular haircut are right up my street, and although they require less effort, they still look super chic. Interested? I thought so. Keep on scrolling for everything you need to know.

Elsa Hosk with a relaxed bob

What Is the Relaxed Bob?

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