I Asked AI to Come Up With 6 Chic and Easy Outfits—This is How it Went

If the evolution of modern technology has taught us anything, it’s that there is an app or a programme for everything. We can order food from the sofa, see who is at the front door while we’re not home and there are even apps to tell us when it is dark outside and whether we have sliced our pizza accurately and fairly, but despite these so-called “advances”, it is still difficult to answer some of the easiest day-to-day questions like “what should I wear?”. That is, until now.

Fans of the 1995’s Clueless will remember what was by far my highlight of the entire movie—Cher Horowitz’s digital wardrobe, an online algorithm that pieced together the perfect outfit so she didn’t have to. The dream scenario, right? No surprise then that as soon as AI bot Chat GPT was launched, we immediately thought about the ways we could apply artificial intelligence to fashion. We’ve already had 3D printed clothing and digitally designed models, so why not have technology revolutionise the way we get ready in the morning? Intrigued by the idea (and personally curious about Chat GPT’s limits), I set out about asking the programme for some outfit ideas for everyday scenarios, and below you’ll find the results. Part of me had hoped that AI dressing might be the future, but as it turned out, it had some… interesting thoughts. In the mix you’ll find some suggestions that I loved, some that were a little bizarre, and others that are a little dated, so I took the bot’s original answers and attempted to bring them into 2024.

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