How Do You Get a Customer for Life?

Let’s face it, winning a “customer for life” is like chasing the Holy Grail in the real estate world. It’s that elusive treasure we’re all after, but despite decades of throwing boatloads of cash into tech and process improvements, it seems to slip through too many fingers time and time again.

But there’s a new solution: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are shaking things up, offering brokerages a real shot at grabbing that “customer for life” prize and delivering it to their agents.

But here’s the conundrum: According to National Association of REALTORS® research, three out of four sellers say they’d use their agent again or recommend them to others. However, only 22% do. And before you say, “Well, they’re moving too far away,” two-thirds of Americans move less than 20 miles from their old home

Worse, a reported 70% of sellers can’t remember their agent’s name a year after closing.

Why do nearly eight out of 10 clients become “orphans” abandoned by their original agents? The answer: many agents are dropping the ball when it comes to keeping in touch and looking after their clients in the long run.

The solution? A broker-provided “Easy Button” powered by AI and machine learning.

Delta Media brokerage clients have flocked to the easy button we offer. It’s called My Customer for Life. This highly personalized, dynamic email newsletter leverages machine learning to deliver the right content at the right time based on individual client interests and behaviors.

Once it is in place, agents simply “feed the bear”— adding new contacts to the system’s integrated CRM as they build their spheres. The result? The average open rate is two to three times the industry averages.

To crack the “customer for life” puzzle, brokers must arm their agents with intelligent, automated tech. Agents need this help today, as at least 600,000 agents are trying to navigate their first significant market shift.

But remember, it’s not enough to just touch base after the deal is done. Your agents should be a reliable source of valuable, relevant information, not just the sender of irrelevant newsletters and recipe cards. This will keep their clients coming back for more, long after the ink has dried on the contract.

Any “customer for life” solution must be a no-brainer that works automatically and fits in with agents’ busy schedules. It’s the key to turning most sellers and buyers who say they’ll use the same agent again into clients who actually do. AI and machine learning systems embedded into an all-in-one platform are the secret to grabbing that Holy Grail and getting real, honest-to-goodness “customers for life.”

This isn’t just about changing an agent’s game; it’s about transforming the entire industry’s narrative. By providing agents with AI and machine learning tools, we are fueling their capability to build lasting relationships, creating connections that aren’t just transactional but transcend into lifelong loyalty.

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