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As a family doctor, I want to extend my gratitude to my colleague and friend who has transitioned from primary care to weight management as of January 1, 2024. This serves as a reminder that primary care thrives on heartfelt connections, which remain fundamental to our approach to health care.

Your consistent care is already missed in these first few months of 2024. I am so grateful for your years of service to the community and our family and share a reflection of my personal story that you have been a part of all these years!

My postpartum days after our firstborn were rough; you directed care to our most precious gift while also giving me support. I was tired and worried; your reassurance meant the world to me. You also cared for my husband, who, in the days leading up to the early arrival of our second child, had an emergency appendectomy. You also addressed his most pressing health risks given his unknown family medical history and directed him to a great gastroenterologist. You demystified life with a chronic medical condition.

Two kids in two years while growing a practice was challenging, but I did love the intervals of our pediatric visits; it was a chance to check in! Life became more chaotic with two curious kids in tow at these well visits, you always kept them engaged.

Then baby number 3 came along, just when I thought I was getting handle on things, his newborn stage included a short NICU stay and a prolonged jaundice protocol. When I expressed my concerns about my experience at one site of his blood draws, you set up labs at another hospital without judgment of me or the hospital. You just were focused on the care of our sweet child!

You supported me in my own health while I was finding my professional path in various settings, from a small health system to urgent care and then to a larger health system, and finally to telemedicine. You made sure I was up to date on my screenings and saw me through that scary time when I needed a breast biopsy. You focused on coordinating specialty care and made sure that I received the most welcomed benign results.

The relationship you maintained with each member of our family is something that can never be replaced. We are confident that the system you joined years ago will continue to care for us, but it won’t be the same.

I am thrilled that you will explore a new role and your passion. My heart is so grateful, but it is also sad. We will miss you; I will miss you.

Family medicine and our local community, especially our family, are stronger because of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being the doctor I have always wanted to have, and always strive to be.

Warmly, from your colleague and patient.

Eleanor Bueno is board-certified in family medicine and lifestyle medicine. She has worked in teams within a few health care systems in traditional outpatient family medicine practices as well as urgent care settings. She entered into telemedicine in 2022 and believes that the delivery of primary care can be a catalyst for innovation and growth in medicine. Dr. Bueno enjoys connections and leading with light.


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