Home Warranties Provide Added Level of Differentiation in Competitive Market

As the real estate market continues to change and evolve, clients look to their agent for assurances about homeownership and the process involved in buying or selling a home.  

In the experience of Charles El-Moussa—president of Coldwell Banker Realty in Texas—home warranties are a key piece of the puzzle. A home warranty can help ease client worries throughout the transition into a new home, specifically when it comes to repairs or replacement of covered appliances and home system components, something that frequently sneaks up on buyers and sellers.  

“It’s peace of mind that works both ways,” explains El-Moussa. “If you’re a seller, there’s seller’s coverage that gives the seller peace of mind while their home’s on the market. There’s also buyer coverage, which alleviates some of the issues and potential challenges that could occur after the sale in giving that homeowner peace of mind as well.”

For El-Moussa and his team, a longstanding relationship with American Home Shield® (AHS®) goes a long way toward providing protection as well as an added layer of comfort for buyers and sellers alike.  

El-Moussa explains that the firm’s relationship with AHS has set his team apart by providing a service not every brokerage utilizes.

“It increases the optional value that agents can provide consumers, especially in a market where the systems and appliances in your home are getting far more advanced,” he says.  

Carrying an AHS home warranty on his own home for more than a decade, El-Moussa knows from personal experience how essential relying on an AHS home warranty is.

For those looking to pursue adding home warranties as a service, El-Moussa notes that it’s important to partner with a company that you can trust, that has longevity and history behind it and that has a strong record of providing coverage.

“A company doesn’t become the nation’s largest home warranty provider by not doing a good job. AHS is entering its sixth decade of helping homeowners, which speaks volumes about their reputation, stability and being there for agents and their clients,” he says. 

“From a perspective of assurance and comfort, my clients and agents feel that AHS will stand behind what they’re offering,” concludes El-Moussa. “I always say, practice what you preach. You’re not going to go out there and promote a company you don’t believe in.” 

 For more information, please visit https://www.ahs.com/realestate.

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