Hailey Bieber and Sienna Miller's Favourite Serum Has £55 Off For Black Friday

First of all, I’d like to address the price tag. Yes, it is incredibly expensive, and I would never claim that anyone needs to spend £135 on a serum. However, I must admit that it is an unbelievably great product. Containing an extremely potent blend of vitamin C, E and ferulic acid, this serum is widely considered one of the most efficacious antioxidant serums out there. It works to protect the skin from skin-damaging free radicals and helps brighten and reduce the appearance of existing pigmentation and fine lines.

Honestly, out of the hundreds of skincare products I have tried in my time as a beauty editor, nothing helps my skin quite like SkinCeuticals’ C E Ferulic. But a word of warning: This isn’t your typical luxury product. Typically, spending £100+ on a skincare product might buy you a deeply nourishing La Mer face cream or a rich La Prairie eye cream, however, purchasing this serum isn’t going to give you an at-home spa experience. It’s clinical skincare that means business—it’s formulated to treat your skin above anything else and it doesn’t come decorated in luxe packaging with a fancy smell or texture. It looks basic, but the results are far from it.

And personally, I think the results are what makes it such a hit among the A-list. It works to protect their skin from daily damage to ensure their complexions are at their most glowy day in and day out. Keep scrolling to discover which celebrities swear by this cult antioxidant serum, and then shop it for yourself.

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