Great Spaces: Perpetual Bliss in Sun-Soaked Turks and Caicos

Property highlights:

Location: Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

Listing price: Starting at $500,000

Features: Beachfront residences ranging from the 580-square-foot oceanfront studio to the 6,411-square-foot four-bedroom penthouse.

Added appeal: Access to resort amenities such as world-class dining, a state-of-the-art indoor fitness facility with an outdoor garden yoga studio and full-service indoor/outdoor spa.

Turks and Caicos might be a grand vision for a vacation, but imagine permanently residing in the sun-soaked haven of Grace Bay. With the introduction of Andaz Turks & Caicos—a luxurious residential community boasting 73 residences—that dream can now be a reality. Collaborating with the visionary teams at RAD Architecture and Modus Operandi, the resort’s design effortlessly weaves Caribbean cultural influences into both interiors and exteriors—creating an ambiance that captures the essence of the tropical paradise. 

Expected to open its doors in late 2025, the 59-key luxury Andaz resort is set to become the inaugural Hyatt property on the island. Residents are invited to indulge in a host of amenities, from world-class dining to pickleball courts and a top-notch kids’ club. This visionary project transcends the typical vacation experience, offering the chance to vacation year-round in opulent surroundings infused with cultural authenticity. 

RISMedia spoke to Andaz Turks & Caicos’ Managing Director Matt McDonald and Chief Marketing Officer Aimee Deziel-Zammit about the development’s distinctive features, its harmonious blend of luxury living and cultural authenticity. 

Joey Macari: What makes this a Great Space?

10 Matt McDonald HeadshotMatt McDonald: Grace Bay Beach, awarded the top beach globally, sets the stage for our upscale market with predominantly four- and five-star properties. Limited development in the past 14 years, highlighted by The Ritz’s recent addition, underscores the island’s uniqueness. Situated on Grace Bay, our seven-story Hyatt Andaz property offers unparalleled experiences. Our close-knit community of initial condo buyers, drawn to the island’s charm, fosters connections at various events. This property, beyond a resort, embodies a genuine sense of community.

JM: How does the integration of resort services and amenities enhance the appeal of Andaz Turks & Caicos residences to potential buyers?

10 Aimee Zammit HeadshotAimee Deziel-Zammit: Our property offers a range of amenities, from a full-service spa to pickleball and tennis courts. A standout feature is the dedicated kids’ club, offering educational programs and water-based activities near the key snorkeling reef. This unique amenity allows families to enjoy a vacation where both parents and kids can have independent experiences. Our design ensures breathtaking views of the water from every point on the property, setting us apart. The penthouse units with rooftop decks and plunge pools showcase luxury living. Limited availability remains for these exclusive units, providing a distinct living experience on Grace Bay Beach.

JM: How does Andaz Turks & Caicos aim to provide an authentic Caribbean experience to buyers through its residences?

MM: Our design sets us apart on the island, offering a unique blend of modernity and a Bajan Bahamian feel. Striking a balance between contemporary and warm, we incorporate natural elements like wood and stone. Our resort’s aesthetic reflects the island’s environment, distinguishing us from others. Notably, we collect authentic items from the island, adding a personal touch to our reception area. Additionally, we collaborate with local photographers, showcasing their work in the resort and raising funds for the Turks and Caicos Reef Fund. Our goal is to create a lived-in, homey feel that stands out amidst the traditional Caribbean and ultra-contemporary designs found on the island. We aim to be modern and captivating without sacrificing warmth and character.

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JM: How does Andaz Turks & Caicos plan to boost regional economic growth while focusing on conservation and community engagement?

ADZ: Andaz Turks & Caicos contributes to the region’s economic growth through both standard means and community engagement. As a tax revenue source, the resort creates significant local employment, yet its unique approach lies in fostering community connections. The Reef Keepers program, developed in collaboration with the Reef Foundation, sets a higher standard for resorts, emphasizing environmental responsibility. Mindful of its impact, the resort opted for a lower-rise design to reduce its environmental footprint. Additionally, Andaz supports local businesses by featuring their products and services, aspiring to be a platform for economic prosperity within the community.

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JM: How has the collaboration with Christie’s International Real Estate and the Hyatt contributed to Andaz Turks & Caicos’ success in the market?

MM: Collaborating with Christie’s and the Hyatt has contributed significantly to Andaz Turks & Caicos’ market success. They play a crucial role in spreading awareness and providing valuable real estate insights. Christie’s extensive national reach aids in brand exposure, which is particularly beneficial for the relatively new Andaz brand. Working closely with Christie’s chief marketing officer, the resort’s marketing strategy and content have set them apart, boosting sales and creating brand awareness. The partnership with Hyatt brings unique benefits, including the opportunity for owners to place their residences in a rental pool managed by Hyatt, leveraging their marketing expertise and loyalty programs, distinguishing Andaz as a truly distinctive destination within the community.

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