Grappler Successfully Used In Florida Police Chase

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Grappler Successfully Used In Florida Police Chase

Grappler Successfully Used In Florida Police Chase

People are losing their minds after seeing footage of Hollywood Police Department in Florida using the Grappler to stop a fleeing Camaro. Even though this invention has been out for years and used successfully in a number of pursuits, including one where officers had to return fire as the suspects in the captured vehicle opened up on them, it seems a good chunk of the population still doesn’t know the Grappler is a thing.

Man drives a stolen car to his court date for a theft case.

If you’re one of the many people who don’t know about the Grappler, it’s a device that goes on the front bumper of police cars. What looks like the push bar members fold down, revealing a web of what looks similar to heavy-duty cargo straps.

When the officer makes contact with the rear corner of the fleeing vehicle, that webbing wraps around the tire. There’s more of it stowed away, but it’s attached to a fixed point on the police cruiser, allowing the officer to bring the chase to a conclusion without doing a PIT maneuver or any other tactical intervention.

According to the manufacturer of the Grappler, over 600 suspects have been caught using it. In this case these two teenagers who reportedly carjacked the Camaro at gunpoint moments before were captured without further incident.

Some people in their enthusiasm ask why the Grappler isn’t the only method police use for stopping fleeing suspects. There are a few reasons, including the cost of the device and the fact it won’t work in every situation. It’s still a cool invention that when it does work brings chases to a cold stop. But as we’ve seen before, that doesn’t necessarily mean the chase resolves peacefully.

Check out the Florida Grappler footage for yourself.

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