Glosshood Founder Sienna Brown on Why We Need to Believe in Black Women Now More Than Ever

With a firm handshake, say hello to Business of Beauty—an exclusive, inside look at the incomparable journeys of entrepreneurs of color in the beauty industry. This series is anything but business as usual. It’s a raw, honest look at the unique and often overlooked challenges that people of color face when starting their own beauty brands. Each founder will reveal the biggest hurdles they’ve overcome, their internal struggles, and their deepest thoughts about what needs to change in the beauty industry (and the world, really) to make it a more inclusive space for everyone. This time around, we’re getting to know Glosshood founder Sienna Brown. Read all about her journey below.

Sienna Brown

I’ve honestly lost track of how many times I’ve felt inspired by Sienna Brown. Armed with a daring, creative spirit and a willingness to learn, Brown started Glosshood in her kitchen at the age of 25 by reconnecting with her inner child. She finally realized that her happiness lied in feeling joyful, free, and full of excitement for life. After that, building her own brand felt like the next logical step in life.

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