From Toteme to The Row, These Are the Only Designer Coats I'd Invest in for 2024

There’s one coat in particular that I always remember from my childhood, and it’s my mother’s reversible leather and sheepskin jacket. Every time I’d open the coat closet, imagining that there might be a Narnia waiting for me beyond the tweed, wool and raincoats, I’d take the chance to brush my hands over its surface. There’s been an enormous resurgence of vintage-inspired coats in the past few years. Leather and shearling coats are a staple of secondhand shops, and it’s no wonder the style has made its way back into the mainstream. This is thanks in part to an increased interest in thrifting, but shoppers are also now looking for higher-quality, natural materials. Joseph’s reversible offering has the best of both worlds: the choice of a soft, fluffy side that’s best for elegant evenings, or a leather exterior that’s perfect for everyday wear, with the benefit of an insulated lining. Whilst no doubt expensive, this is exactly the sort of style that should be with you forever. Style it with a knitted maxi skirt and your hair slicked back for an ultra-polished look.

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