French Women Agree—These 5 Colour Trends Look Extremely Elegant

I spend a lot of my work time analysing the wardrobes of French women. From the microtrends they adopt each season to the brands they shop most regularly, there’s so much we can learn from our Parisian counterparts, and there’s nothing I love more than decoding what currently makes them tick. Today’s focus? Colour! 

Newsflash: French women wear colour. The French aesthetic is often portrayed as one centred around staples and a largely neutral palette. This is definitely the case—most of the French women I religiously follow rely on classic, everyday pieces to build their outfits upon—but they do still make room for colour. It just comes with a bit of nuance.

On the cusp of a new season, I was eager to see which shades my favourite French fashion people were already wearing, so I scouted their most-recent looks and, soon, a pattern began to emerge. There were five distinct fashion colour trends that I kept seeing over and over—elegant ones at that! French women have a knack for unearthing items with longevity, and that can certainly be said for the colours I’m about to talk you through. Avoiding the anti-trend likes of black, white and navy, scroll on to see the five timely colour trends French women are wearing for 2024. 

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