Forget the Trends—These Are the Chicest Nail Colours to Wear This Christmas

How is it already the second week of December? I am seriously panicking about the lack of preparation I have done for Christmas this year. The tree isn’t up, the fridge is empty and I’ve not bought a single present. Yep, I’m really that disorganised. That being said, I have started to put some plans into motion, and I rang my mum this morning to ask what gifts I should get for the family. While we were on the phone, she mentioned that she was off to get her nails done, and asked me what Christmas manicure colour she should go for. As a beauty editor, I am used to my friends and family coming to me for skincare, makeup and nail advice, so I was more than happy to chat about my favourite shades of the season.

I’ve tried my fair share of trendy festive manicures over the years, but I always go back to these five chic, classic colours. Don’t get me wrong, I love a glittery gold or silver nail every now and again, but I often end up regretting my choice after a week or two, and opting for one of these shades instead. So, I thought that it was only right that I shared my go-to Christmas nail colours with you, just in case you are also looking for some inspiration ahead of your festive nail appointment. Trust me, the below shades will elevate any of your party outfits, so keep on scrolling for all the info…

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