Five takeaways from UCLA's rout of North Carolina Central as Utah showdown looms

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UCLA has repeatedly broken out the T formation, with good reason: There’s three sturdy running backs on the roster.

After Carson Steele and T.J. Harden got the bulk of the carries during the season’s first two weeks, it was Anthony Adkins’ turn to show off his moves against the Eagles. The 6-foot-2, 245-pound transfer from Army displayed speed and toughness in running for a game-high 96 yards and one touchdown on 10 carries.

“I’m not sure we knew how athletic he was when we got him, obviously played a different style of offense at Army,” Kelly said. “He was the fullback in the wishbone, just pounding it between the A gaps. But he’s got a little bit of side to side to him. I think he’s tough to tackle, runs with good body, lean.”

After Adkins referenced his having slimmed down upon arriving in Westwood, he received some spontaneous praise from Moore.

“One more thing,” Moore told reporters after they had finished with their questions. “Shout out to Ant. One thing he brought up was his weight. I know with Ant, he’s not a selfish person. I mean, he really takes care of his body. I remember sometimes I’d come offer him candy in the locker room. He would just say, ‘Nah, I’m watching my weight.’ So, one thing Ant does is take care of his body and really improves on the football field.”

Looking at his Adkins, Moore added: “Keep doing your thing, bro, and I love you, brother.”

Replied Adkins: “Love you, too. I appreciate that.”

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