Fall Is Coming—18 Transitional Outfit Ideas That Will Make the Shift So Easy

Change isn’t always easy, especially regarding the shift from summer to fall. As much as shifting into a new season can bring a bevy of things to be excited about, that doesn’t mean it won’t come with a bit of sorrow. On one hand, we can all collectively look toward the prospect of travel, new trends, and less unbearably hot temperatures. But at the same time, it can mark the end of time away from our desks, sun-filled weekends, and beach getaways. All of this is to say that it can be a bittersweet time, so we all must have our own coping mechanisms to make the transition easier. 

For me, one of those coping methods comes from spending hours scrolling through social media in search of fall outfit ideas. Like many summer babies, I may be in denial about having to pack away my sundresses, but there’s nothing like a few great outfit ideas to break me out of my mood. So in my own self-serving interests (and hopefully for your benefit too), I’ve rounded up the 18 best transitional outfit ideas. With each ensemble, I’ve broken down easy outfit formulas and shopped out the key pieces you’ll need to re-create them. Plus, I’ve ensured each includes at least one summer staple that’s been styled in a fall-forward way. Whether you’re a die-hard summer lover or live for the fall, there’s plenty of inspiration ahead that will make the switch easy.

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