Explore Ian Alistair Cochran’s Candy-Like, Saturated Resin Works

Ian Alistair Cochran’s resin furniture and home goods remind us of simple, flat disk lollipops with their translucency and rounded corners. The shapes of each piece play off the prism effect inherent to the resin itself, refracting light and creating different depths of saturation. Surprisingly, Cochran’s work doesn’t use glue or fasteners to hold it together, rather it relies on hand-carved notches at each of its joints.

resin furniture on display in a gallery, picture red side table and lavender coffee table

The Chicago-based designer creates contemporary art furniture in resin, fiberglass, and composites, and has dedicated his career to exploring unconventional materials and the relationships they form. Back in December 2022, we shared his work from the Through and Through show in Miami, and he now has three available collections: Plump Series, Dew Drops, and Echo Tables.

detail of blue resin coffee table

While resin might not seem like an obvious material choice for making furniture, it comes with a slew of benefits attached. It’s weather-resistant and designed to withstand the elements – including sun, rain, and extreme temperatures. Even with these factors added in, resin won’t warp, fade, or decompose, making it a great material for outdoor use. Resin furniture is long-lasting and relatively low-maintenance, and can be easily cleaned and polished with Pledge and a microfiber cloth. It doesn’t get any easier!

red resin side table on display

green resin bench on a beige background

Plump Bench

red resin bench on a beige background

Plump Bench, Small

purple resin coffee table on a beige background

Plump Coffee Table

light pink resin console on a beige background

Plump Console

pink resin vanity on a white background

Plump Vanity

purple resin mini shelf on a white background

Plump Mini Shelf

red resin trinket dish on a pink background

Plump Trinket Dish

lime green resin side table on a white background

Slender Echo

dark blue resin side table on a white background

Echo III

red and blue resin furniture on white background

Dew Drop

light-skinned man with dark hair wearing a blue and white long sleeved shirt and holding a large yellow glass vessel over his head

Ian Alistair Cochran

To learn more about Ian Alistair Cochran’s resin furniture + home goods, visit tulestefactory.com.

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