Expedia Pulls Vrbo Ad in Canada After Backlash

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Expedia/Vrbo removed the offending ad in Canada to put out a fire. But if the ad was disparaging to locals, why continue to air it globally?

Expedia Group has pulled a Vrbo ad in Canada because its use of a traditional Newfoundland and Labrador folksong triggered a backlash.

The Vrbo Relax/Rooster ad, which premiered February 4 during the Grammy’s but got more attention over Super Bowl weekend, used the folksong I’se the B’y as its theme.

The Newfoundland provincial government and Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador both reportedly demanded that Expedia remove the ad because they felt the use of the folksong disparaged the community and its culture.

The ad was meant to take a dig at competitor Airbnb – without naming it – suggesting that stays were different than advertised.

Steve Crocker, minister of Newfoundland’s Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation, issued a statement earlier in the week requesting that Vrbo remove the ad from TV and YouTube.

“Given the importance of this song to us, I think we do have the right to ask them to remove it or change it,” said Deborah Bourden, chair of Hospitality Newfoundland, the tourism board.

Newfoundland’s Department of Tourism did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Expedia subsequently told Bourden that the ad is no longer running in Canada, according to a source familiar with the matter.

“The spot pokes fun at our competition, not anyone in Newfoundland,” an Expedia Group spokesperson said Thursday. “This is one of several ads in this campaign.”

Airbnb declined to comment on the issue.

Using the same folksong, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism created its own ad that touts the attractiveness of the region. Ad agency Target Marketing created the ad for the tourism board.

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