Everyone Is Talking About Skims—Here Are the Pieces Our Editors Actually Own

After the third person in one week told me that not only were they wearing Skims underwear, but also that it was “the best underwear” they owned, I knew that, like it or loathe it, Kim Kardashian was officially onto a winner. No matter how you feel about the brand’s owner and her famous family, it’s undeniable that anyone who has actually tried Skims loungewear, shapewear and underwear loves it (albeit sometimes begrudgingly), and whilst the more viral moments aren’t always about the most wearable items (ahem, the nipple bra and micro thong), we have to pay attention when a brand gets nothing but positive reviews. 

After conducting a straw poll in the office, I was surprised to find that the majority of team Who What Wear UK had at least one Skims item hanging in their wardrobe or folded in their underwear draw (and believe me, they’re a discerning bunch). So if you’re on the lookout for some new underwear, shapewear, basics or just a bra that really fits, keep scrolling to see which pieces garnered reviews like “I absolutely love the bra. My mum and I both have it and think it’s great.” And, “I can’t lie; I feel like a bad B when I wear it”. These are our top-reviewed Skims pieces that we wouldn’t share with anyone else. 

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