Every 90s Designer’s Nightmare Returns as a Kinetic Timepiece

There are some memories that have left their indelible mark upon designers who worked throughout the aughts: always failing Zip and Jaz drives, Apple’s migration to PowerPC, finicky SCSI ports, QuarkXpress, and of course, the dreaded MacOS X spinning beach ball (aka the spinning wheel of death). The Trio of Time’s The Spinning Beach Ball watch taps into those way-back-when recollections in the form of an analog-kinetic watch encapsulating then designer’s nightmare into a playful chromatic timepiece.

Designed by Joe Kwan, co-founder and creative director of Anicorn Watches, the iconic symbol of operating system unresponsiveness is recreated in a six color pinwheel as a “touch of familiarity and playfulness” intended in to represent “the anticipation of what lies ahead, reminding wearers to embrace the present while looking towards the future.”  

The watch doesn’t actually spin independently, but revolves into action in kinetic response to the wearer’s wrist motion, as shown in the video above.

Side by side The Trio of Time The Spinning Beach Ball wrist watch, one on the left static, with another watch with kinetic color wheel in blurred motion.

Japanese Miyota 2025 Quartz movement powers the timepiece, surrounded by mineral glass, 316L Stainless Steel, Diameter 39.0mm Case, with a modern genuine leather strap with a minimalist stainless steel buckle with smart docking system [below].

Side by side The Trio of Time The Spinning Beach Ball wrist watch, one on the left static, with another watch on right revealing the stainless steel back cover engraved with "the trio of time Hong Kong" and "The Spinning Beach Ball by JK"

Packaging for The Trio of Time - The Spinning Beach Ball wristwatch, with large color pinwheel cover design, a small user booklet, metal sheet card with unit number, and another padded layer with watch and wrist band inset in foam.

When one considers a wristwatch icon as the original classic Mac OS wait cursor icon, it seems rather appropriate the designer’s dilemma in both its memorable iterations have come together into an object for apt to evoke a grin rather than a grimace – a reminder of how much time has passed and how the spinning beachball has faded into a distant exception rather than a daily occurrence.

Close-up of two side by side The Trio of Time The Spinning Beach Ball wristwatches, one on the top in static position, with another watch below it in blurred motion.

The Spinning Beach Ball Watch comes carefully packaged in a collector’s box with a small product card alongside a unique collector’s card imprinted with the model’s run number. Each watch is available for pre-order for $229 and is scheduled to ship in November 2023.

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