Eric Trump Mocked Over Brazenly False Claim About His Father In New York

Eric Trump made a wild claim about his father, Donald Trump, as he railed against New York after last week’s landmark ruling in the fraud case against his family.

“My father built the skyline of New York City, and this is the thanks he gets?” he said on Fox News on Friday evening, hours after a judge ordered the former president to pay $355 million.

Eric Trump and his brother, Donald Trump Jr., were each ordered to pay $4 million in the case, and all three are also facing other sanctions.

They’ve vowed to appeal.

Donald Trump owns or manages several buildings on the New York City skyline. Some, such as Trump Tower, were built for him. Others were built previously, by other owners, with Trump later acquiring some share of ownership or interest. In still other cases, Trump’s company did not build and does not own the building, but manages the property.

Curbed has a look at his real estate portfolio in New York.

Even including all of those properties, the buildings do not add up to a large portion of the skyline, nor do they include its most distinctive features, as the former president’s critics were quick to point out on X:

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