Do We Really Need a New GHD Straightener? I Just Put the Chronos to the Test

As mentioned above, this new hair tool comes with some pretty bold claims. Not only does the brand say that it will deliver 3x faster results and up to 85% more shine, but they also promise 3x more breakage protection and a sleek, healthy finish. So, how is this straightener doing all of this? Well, it all comes down to the technology. This tool comes with a new HD motion-responsive feature, which continuously adapts to your movements while styling your hair, delivering “one stroke” results at the optimum temperature of 185 degrees.

Not only that, but the tool also features ultra-gloss floating plates that glide through the hair and give that shiny finish, alongside a re-engineered wishbone hinge (the bit at the bottom of your straightener) which makes curling and waving your hair a whole lot easier. 

If you know me, then you’ll know that I’ve had my GHD Original Styler for years, and it would take a lot for me to part ways with my trusty straightener, but this technology definitely sounds appealing.

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