Diesel Living With Lodes Collection Launches New Fixtures and Expanded Range

Equal parts ultramodern styling, utility, and heritage craft production, the Diesel Living with Lodes collaboration grows by three new fixtures – Magic Mushroom, Reglobe, and U.F.O. – while expanding the existing Spring collection. The versatile selection of contemporary luminaires, suitable for residential and commercial interiors alike, is a product of dynamism between the irreverent international fashion brand and a historic Italian decorative lighting company, respectively. Their introduction fortifies an extensive portfolio of lighting that caters to material tastes and textural finishes found in Magic Mushroom, titillating forms like that of Spring or U.F.O., and sustainability-minded objects like Reglobe.

Funky, fun, fungi. Mushroom silhouettes inspire this lamp and namesake form with its blown glass, aqua finish diffuser that casts light in a kaleidoscopic pattern for a psychedelic effect. The black steel base fixture is available in one size and features an adjustable dimer.

Magic Mushroom lamp in living room scene.

Magic Mushroom lamp

Large, yet lightweight. Minimal, yet high-impact. And available in three sizes. The Reglobe pendant light shines in both visual performance and production prowess employing a special industrial process that uses rotational molding to incorporate recycled plastic grains into a 50% virgin LLPDE (linear low-density polyethylene) and 50% recycled polymer shade for a vibrant terrazzo finish.

Reglobe pendants hanging about dining table.

Reglobe pendants in three sizes.

The U.F.O. pendant lamp references pop culture iconography of Unidentified Flying Objects crafted through a minimalist lens reminiscent of the late 1990s. Hovering in suspension – and nearly silent in design language – this otherworldly luminary consists of a wide, flattened metal diffuser emitting a downward light beam through an LED house in a canonical element. It is available in two sizes and three finishes: Black, Rust, and Sand.

U.F.O. pendants about dining table.

U.F.O shade detail shot.

The existing collection comprising arm and ceiling models expands to include a floor lamp version that follows its iconic safety pin structural form. The floor version trades a traditional shade for an LED strip emitting linear light projection. This new, deep black fixture is available in one size but allows the user to reposition the output cable and base for directional lighting.

Spring Lamp positioned for ambient light.

Spring floor lamp.

For more information on Diesel Living with Lodes lighting, visit lodes.com.

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