Crippling Black Sea storm reportedly destroys Kerch bridge barriers


Deadly weather that pounded the Black Sea region on Nov. 27 in what some have dubbed ‘storm of the century’ has washed away Russia-installed barriers intended to protect the Kerch Bridge and Sevastopol bay, OSINT researchers said on X.

Ukrainian intelligence believes the barriers were created to guard against drone attacks.

The historic storms created blizzard-like conditions in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia on Sunday, dumping record amounts of snow and causing widespread power outages and traffic accidents.

Meteorologists in the region predicted winds of 40-50 mph with record amounts of snowfall in some areas.

Across Ukraine and Russia, more than 2 million people were left without power, the AP estimates.

At least ten people in Ukraine have been confirmed dead, including children. Odesa and Mykolaiv are among the hardest hit oblasts.

Another storm is expected to land in the same region this weekend.

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