Could WienerAI Replicate MINU’s Succes? Viral Presale Raises Over $7M

Just when it looked like meme coins were cooling off, along comes Minu (MINU).

This dog-themed token has surged 26% in the past day and topped the meme coin gainers list.

But MINU isn’t the only coin performing well.

WienerAI (WAI), an AI-themed project still in presale, has gone viral after passing the $7.2 million funding milestone.

MINU Surges on Unique “Mining Dog Coin” Model

In a surprising twist, MINU’s price has exploded.

The token now trades at $0.000000272, with its market cap breaching $1.6 million.

What’s truly impressive is the surge in spot trading activity.

Spot volumes have reached $1.1 million in the past day, representing 77% of MINU’s total value.

This suggests that MINU has sparked genuine conviction among traders.

And all of this has occurred despite MINU’s limited availability.

The token is only listed on a handful of smaller CEXs and the PancakeSwap DEX.

So, why all the hype?

The main reason is that MINU brands itself as the first “mining dog coin” on the Binance Smart Chain, offering a different take on the traditional meme coin model.

MINU promises miners an 8% daily return in BNB through its decentralized app.

Meanwhile, 2% of every MINU transaction feeds into the mining contract – boosting the total value locked (TVL).

It’s a unique approach that’s caught the crypto community’s attention.

Bitcoin Volatility Fails to Deter MINU’s Rally

MINU’s surge comes against a backdrop of uncertainty.

Bitcoin, the OG crypto, has been on a rollercoaster this week.

It dipped below $55,000 late Sunday night, bounced back, retested that low on Monday morning, and has since been climbing.

At the time of writing, BTC sits at $57,300.

That’s a 4% rise from yesterday’s low, but it’s still down 9% from last week.

This turbulence has pushed the Crypto Fear & Greed Index into “Fear” territory at 27.

The German government’s Bitcoin sell-off is a major factor contributing to this unease.

They’ve already moved 3,100 BTC (worth $178 million) earlier today, with more sales likely on the horizon.

The government’s main address still holdings a huge 26,000 BTC ($1.5 billion), while another address primed for selling contains 4,800 BTC ($276.6 million).

Unsurprisingly, the potential for this BTC supply to hit the market is spooking investors.

Yet MINU has demonstrated remarkable resilience – reminding investors that meme coins often go their own way.

Could WienerAI Replicate MINU’s Succes? Viral Presale Raises Over $7M

While MINU is rallying, another project is building momentum in its presale.

WienerAI has raised $7.2 million in early funding, catching the eye of both new and veteran traders.

What sets WienerAI apart from its peers is the clever blend of meme appeal and AI-powered trading tools.

WienerAI’s main feature is a trading bot that utilizes artificial intelligence.

This bot is designed to help traders navigate the crypto market with confidence.

Imagine having a digital trading assistant crunching vast amounts of data to spot buying opportunities – that’s WienerAI.

WienerAI’s bot will be powered by the native WAI token.

And investors can currently snag WAI for just $0.000726 each during the presale.

According to WienerAI’s whitepaper, 30% of the total supply (20.7 billion tokens) has been set aside for presale buyers.

The remainder will be used for staking rewards, community rewards, DEX/CEX liquidity, and marketing.

But it’s not just AI tech and tokenomics that are driving interest.

WienerAI has also begun to grow a solid online community, with over 14,900 people following the project’s Twitter page.

Another 12,300 are active in WienerAI’s Telegram channel.

Like MINU, WienerAI has tapped into the “meme + utility” formula that investors crave.

As such, both projects could be worth watching in the days and weeks ahead.

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