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Could Bitcoin Spark Outperform Chainlink This Bull Run? – A Look Into The Newest BTC Fork

Crypto investors anticipate bull markets as they are closely associated with massive capital gains for smart individuals, whales, and institutions that invest wisely during bear markets.

The market is showing signs of recovery from a bear that has reigned supreme since 2022 began. It was fueled by several macroeconomic factors, including the collapse of major crypto institutions such as lending and borrowing platforms, increased hacks and malicious technical attacks on DeFi protocols, centralized exchanges, and the downfall of billion-dollar ecosystems.

The current macroeconomic factors indicate a far more positive outlook for the future of DeFi. Major organizations like BlackRock and Grayscale have filed crypto ETF applications, showcasing an increasing pro-crypto investor outlook.

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is a decentralized bridge run by advanced smart contracts that mediate between on-chain and off-chain data. The project was conceived in 2017 by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis, who integrated the network’s smart contracts in 2019. Chainlink’s open-source technology platform runs a network of oracles that link computational resources with on-chain data. The platform contains a system of nodes that work interchangeably to collect, approve, and execute data from numerous sources through the knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptography. The node operators are typically rewarded with LINK, the native crypto asset of the network, which they can redeem for stablecoins or cash out for fiat. Chainlink is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the space.

What is a Bitcoin Fork?

Bitcoin forks have become increasingly popular in the last decade. The rise, advancement, and improvement of technology has led to the attempts of many developers to solve Bitcoin’s trilemma challenges. However, most forks do not achieve mainstream adoption as they clone Bitcoin’s code and have no real-world utility to justify their reason for forking the network. Only a few, like Bitcoin Spark, might bear the true potential to disrupt DeFi.

Why is Bitcoin Spark Different?

In the evolving world of digital currencies, utility or solving blockchain-related challenges is the key to achieving success. The Bitcoin Spark founders conducted years of research to develop the ideal Bitcoin hard fork that other Bitcoin alternatives cannot compete with. The developers have a technology background and are actively involved in developing the project.

They have found a way to introduce more advanced smart contracts than those issued by the Ethereum blockchain while scaling transaction speeds to outperform Bitcoin’s throughput. Leveraging current technology has also allowed the developers to make the Bitcoin Spark network lightweight for easy management and decentralization.

Bitcoin Spark’s fork has yielded a high-performance blockchain with high transaction speeds, increased scalability, and reduced transaction costs, which the team is working to eradicate from the network. By establishing on-chain and off-chain income sources, Bitcoin Spark will gain enough funds to replenish mining pools and constantly reward the founders to an extent where charging transaction fees will not be required.

The network will, therefore, transition into an autonomous network controlled algorithmically by a stream of computer-generated systems that enhance decentralization and promote quality for all, regardless of the mining equipment used or the stake size.

Bitcoin Spark’s ICO Ends in Style with a Mega Bonus Giveaway

Bonus giveaways are an excellent way for new DeFi starters to award early developers. Bitcoin Spark is planning an ICO event that will revolutionize the entire ICO opportunity the investors have had since phase 1 began. The bonus event will include massive giveaways worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the next few months, heavily rewarding participants for their participation. The details concerning the bonus are still being planned and will be relayed through Bitcoin Spark’s social accounts, including the project’s official medium account. To get the updates and become an early participant in the event, follow Bitcoin Spark on all social media platforms.

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