CoStar Group Selects Arlington, Virginia for Global Headquarters

CoStar Group has selected Arlington County, Virginia for its global headquarters. The real estate giant will relocate to Central Place Tower, a 560,000-square-foot office building in Arlington, Virginia in late 2024. CoStar Group will occupy 175,000 square feet of commercial office space and employ 650 workers at the facility, located at 1201 Wilson Boulevard.

“Virginia’s a great choice for a new corporate headquarters location, and we are excited that CoStar Group, a leading provider of online real estate marketplaces, information, and analytics in the property markets, sees the economic advantage in moving to the Commonwealth,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “As states compete for business and jobs, the Commonwealth’s diverse, world-class talent, exceptional quality of life and stable business climate continues to stand out. We are proud that CoStar has chosen Virginia as its home.”  

“CoStar Group’s move to Arlington is a huge win and a testament to our high quality of life, dynamic urban centers, unparalleled talent pool and business-friendly environment,” said Ryan Touhill, director of Arlington Economic Development. “CoStar Group’s outright purchase of the building also signifies confidence in our commercial real estate market, which is key to our ongoing efforts to reduce office vacancies.” 

Given CoStar Group’s real estate industry expertise, the decision to purchase 1201 Wilson Boulevard and remain in the region is a significant indicator of Arlington’s premier location, according to a release. CoStar Group joins additional businesses with headquarters of note in Arlington, including AES, Amazon, Boeing, Nestlé and RTX. 

CoStar Group stated they will pay $13,951,900 to Arlington County to obtain sole use of the observation deck at 1201 Wilson Boulevard. With this payment, the county manager will ask that the county board act on CoStar’s land use applications and allow them exclusive use of the observation deck. In addition, the county manager will propose that these funds be allocated towards the reconstruction of Rosslyn’s Gateway Park as part of the upcoming Capital Improvement Plan. The extra funding will allow for the entire Rosslyn neighborhood’s prized public space to be completed nearly a decade sooner than planned.

“The financially strategic acquisition of this building will provide the perfect home for the more than 500 employees at our current headquarters. We’re incredibly thankful for our 14 years calling Washington, D.C. home, and we will continue to be a part of this community even as we move across the river to Arlington County,” said Andy Florance, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CoStar Group.  

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