Cosentino’s Ukiyo Surface Collection Introduces Fluted Texture in a New Light

Cosentino’s new Dekton® Ukiyo collection features textured, linear fluting that brings a fresh, tactile quality and a distinctive depth and dimension to any space, be it residential or commercial. The Spanish global leader in the production and distribution of innovative and sustainable surfaces worked in collaboration with high-end interior and product designer, Claudia Afshar, to create the collection and bring it to life.

terracotta colored bathroom with double vanities

Dekton Ukiyo by Claudia Afshar in Umber

“Playing with texture is timeless, and it is so important in all materials, not just fabric,” Afshar shared. “I have always been inspired by the materials found in nature and making the spaces I design as comfortable, warm, and authentic as possible. Ukiyo is calming yet simplistic, and the colorways and fluting are romantic, but also contemporary and masculine to achieve balance.”

dark brown/grey bathroom with single sink and walk-in glass shower

Dekton Ukiyo by Claudia Afshar in Bromo

Dekton® Ukiyo is inspired by Japanese and contemporary design, celebrating the art of minimalism and embracing the present. Ukiyo means to “live in the moment,” and the collection is designed to awaken the senses while evoking a feeling of wellness by achieving a beautiful, calm state within the space. It embodies a palette of emotions and sensations, showcasing a geometric, smooth structure that creates harmonious designs both inside and outside.

white interior living space with mounted TV and two coffee tables

Dekton Ukiyo by Claudia Afshar in Rem

Offered in five colorways, Ukiyo is available in durable, ready-to-install fluted tiles – one of the first offerings of its kind in the industry. Bromo is a dark gray shade inspired by slate that features subtle, faded graphics and a crafted texture with a natural aesthetic. Even and controlled, Kreta pulls its look from cement, and can lighten or darken a space depending on the density of the pattern used. Umber is a terracotta hue with a natural reddish pigment that creates a warm, textured surface while adding character. Featuring subtle details, from fine micro-concrete to lime plastering, Nacre is a cream shade with lots of versatility. Lastly is Rem, an intricate design with brown and gray veining with hints of gold that reflect the traditional and linear structure of Calacatta Lincoln.

brown accented interior living space with white chairs, shelving, and a live tree

Dekton Ukiyo by Claudia Afshar in Kreta

Dekton® is the only cradle-to-grave carbon neutral solid surface on the market, sustainably manufactured using 99 percent recycled and reused water, 100 percent renewable electric energy, and recycled materials in its composition.

“Every day I strive to think outside the box in order to create something unique, yet special for each project. This collaboration offers just that, and I am so thankful to the entire Cosentino team for bringing this collection to the market,” said Afshar.

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