CoinMarketCap Releases Analysis on APENFT’s Pioneering Efforts to Register Real-Word Masterpieces On-Chain

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, UAE, February 14th, 2024]

CoinMarketCap Research’s latest analysis examines APENFT and its mission to bridge physical fine art and NFT technology. The report explains how APENFT registers renowned traditional artworks on-chain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By converting famous paintings into NFTs, the project demonstrates expanded use cases for NFTs beyond digital collectibles.

The report reveals how this process creates new avenues for artists to engage collectors by tokenizing their physical masterpieces. Unlike most NFT projects focused solely on digital artwork, APENFT takes this approach to pioneer new models of connecting real-world art with Web3 infrastructure. These on-chain versions also enable reliable tracking of an artwork’s provenance and exhibition history via immutable blockchain records.

APENFT represents a future where the gap between physical fine art and crypto continues closing through tokenization.

Users can find the full analysis here:

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