CIF is set to study future priorities in high school sports

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On the first day of the CIF state basketball championships in Sacramento, executive director Ron Nocetti confirmed Friday that he intends to launch a group of committees this fall with representatives from across the state to study priorities for the future of high school sports in California.

Everything from transfers to competitive equity playoffs will be examined. Nocetti said if there’s “something we need to change,” the CIF is willing to listen.

He envisions as many as 100 participants in the discussions from different constituencies. Each of the 10 sections that govern high school sports will be submitting representatives.

The priorities to be discussed include action taken within one to two years, three to four years, and five to six years.

The transfer issue is coming to head, with the possibility of reaching a record 17,000 statewide each year and a continuing movement closer to what’s happening at the college level at a time when the CIF wants to remain an education-based organization. There’s also discussion of how to help small schools stay relevant in a time of competitive equity when playoff brackets are being filled by large schools at the lowest lower level.

The idea is to get feedback from many constituencies because the status quo is not necessarily a good thing.

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