Chevy dropped Blazer EV's price, so it's sending refunds to buyers who paid more

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV RS2

The short, eventful life of the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV takes another turn, this one for the good — specifically, for the good of early buyers. After software issues led to a stop sale, Chevy put the battery-electric crossover back on the market with appreciably lower prices, at discounts of either $5,620 or $6,520 compared to the original MSRPs for the three trims on sale. Edmunds, which bought an example in RS AWD spec for its long-term fleet, reports that it received a letter from Chevrolet notifying it of a refund. The letter that apparently went to all owners who purchased before the price cuts read, “Chevrolet recently announced a new MSRP reduction on 2024 Blazer EVs. As a result of this announcement, we would like to offer reimbursement to customers who purchased a new 2024 Blazer EV before March 7, 2024.”

Anyone who got the entry-level 2LT AWD variant before March 7 can expect a check for $6,520, anyone with an RS trim gets to put $5,620 back in the bank. These discounts are separate from any incentives, federal or otherwise, owners also benefited from. GM did the same thing after reducing the price on the Chevrolet Bolt in the wake of the Bolt’s recovery from battery pack issues and relaunch at lower prices.

There are other enticements for shoppers ready to consider the Blazer EV. When the crossover lost eligibility for the full $7,500 federal tax credit for about three months, from December 2023 to March 2024, the automaker put the full tax credit amount on the hood. The offer remains active at the time of writing for any Blazers produced during that span that are still in dealer inventory. Blazers produced after regaining tax credit eligibility do not get the rebate. However, a $3,520 package discount on the LT trim and a $2,620 package discount on the RS trims take additional chunks out of the purchase price.



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