Catwifhat, Book of Meme Among Top Meme Coin Gainers As WienerAI Nears $2m

After a brief dip in April, meme coins are rallying with the overall market cap up almost 10% since yesterday. Some tokens like catwifhat are up over 30% in the past 24 hours, proving that meme coins are still the clear winners of this bull run. Book of Meme is also drawing attention with a 20% price increase this week and a 50% increase this month.

It’s clear that meme coins can still attract huge amounts of investor interest even this far into the season. Ethereum-based meme coin WienerAI is breaking records with a presale that is nearing $2 million. The token combines two of the leading narratives — AI and memes — in its new innovative AI-trading bot.

catwifhat Trending After 33% Jump Overnight

catwifhat ($CWIF) has been one of the breakout stars of this bull run. Perfectly positioned to ride the wave of meme coin mania, the token launched in December 2023. As the market began to pick up steam truly, the token pumped more than 10,000%.

One unique feature of catwifhat is its aggressive burning mechanism. 4% of every transaction is burnt which has led to more than half of the initial 78 trillion tokens being burned already. This supply-reducing feature has helped drive demand for the token which, in turn, has led to more tokens being burnt. The token is currently priced at $0.0000007837, up 13,769% since its launch.

BOOK OF MEME Solidifies Place in Top 10 Meme Coins

BOOK OF MEME continues to make waves since its now-infamous launch in March. Within 48 hours, the price of the token rose over 2,000%, and the market value reached more than $1 billion. The project combines memes with a decentralized storage solution. It enables the minting and trading of memes. The artist behind the project, Darkfarms, wants to preserve meme culture in a decentralized manner.

BOME quickly rose into the top ten meme coins by market cap, passing hundreds of more established meme cryptocurrencies. It currently sits at number eight, and its recent price movements have shown that this token is here to stay.

While many of the other leading meme coins have experienced increases in the single digits over the past 24 hours, $BOME has seen a 19% price jump overnight. It’s not just a one-night fluke either; the price has risen 50% this month.

What helps BOOK OF MEME stand out from its peers is its combination of memetic fun with real-life utility. As some meme coin mania dies off, many investors are looking for meme coin projects that offer utility and more than just speculative fun.

Could WienerAI be Next to Pump? New Meme Coin Nears $2 Million in Presale

One project that combines memes with AI is currently in the middle of a fast-moving presale. WienerAI blends AI technology with a cute sausage dog to create an AI-powered trading bot. Already, its utility-driven features have drawn almost $2 million from investors.

The team behind WienerAI is designing a bot with an AI interface where you can pose questions about trading strategies or investment advice. Then, the bot will scour the web to find you the best trades and prices. You’ll also be able to execute trades with zero fees, and the bot has built-in protection against front-running bots.

Presale investors will also be able to stake their tokens to start earning passive income straight away. The token is currently priced at $0.000707.

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