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Above, REW CEO Morgan Carey

Fostering lifelong relationships with customers is one of the core values that drives business for leading real estate technology innovator Real Estate Webmasters (REW). Committed to building a community of customers for life, Real Estate Webmasters is celebrating their clients’ loyalty in a big way with the launch of REWards—a loyalty program that will establish a new benchmark for rewarding customer loyalty in the industry.

Reinforcing Real Estate Webmasters’ longstanding commitment to offer real estate professionals cutting-edge solutions and unmatched service, REWards is built on a tiered structure, providing clients with varying levels of benefits based on their annual spending. There’s no signing up, and no hidden fees. The more you invest in yourself, the more benefits you earn.

The tiers are categorized as follows, along with the amazing rewards loyal customers can expect:

Silver – 1 REW Summit ticket and a 25% discount on unsold inventory 

Gold – 2 REW Summit tickets and a 30% discount on unsold inventory

Platinum – 3 REW Summit tickets, a 35% discount on unsold inventory and an annual consultation with company CEO

Legend – 4 REW Summit tickets, a 50% discount on unsold inventory, free industry event tickets, case study + PR campaign, R&D/Roadmap access and a $5,000 annual upgrade budget

Rewards for all loyalty program members include tickets to REW Summit—the real estate event of the year where professionals gather to discuss industry trends/developments and foster connections. Furthermore, the program provides priority access to unsold inventory. For Platinum members, there’s an exclusive annual consultation with industry leader and Real Estate Webmasters CEO Morgan Carey.

At the Legend level, customers enjoy even more rewards, including case studies and PR campaigns valued at $10,000, free industry tickets up to $1,000, a $5,000 upgrade budget for the latest tech features and R&D/Roadmap access. This access not only ensures that members are the first to know about upcoming developments, but also allows them to pitch ideas directly to the R&D team.

With REWards, the traditional concept of earning more when you spend takes on a whole new dimension. Intentionally designed to maximize the benefits for loyal clients, REWards ensures that the more clients invest in Real Estate Webmasters’ products and services, the greater their reward. The ultimate goal is not to spend, but to invest in yourself and your business, and to reap the benefits along the way.

“Customers love loyalty programs,” says Carey. “I know I do. Always first on the plane? Priority bag tags? Lounge access? I’ll take it! And so, as we thought about what’s most important in our business, it’s ensuring we can have customers for life. How do we do that? By recognizing their significant contributions to our business and providing rewards for them that will truly make a difference to ‘their’ business. And, of course, the bigger the impact they have on our business, the bigger the reward we can support and offer to them. It’s a true win-win, and I’m very excited about it.” 

Aiming to transform transactions into enduring, mutually beneficial relationships by providing substantial rewards and benefits, Real Estate Webmasters is ensuring that clients feel appreciated and supported throughout their partnership. RE

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