Building a Strong Identity for Success

Lisa Halter

Founder, Owner and Principal Broker

Halter Associates Realty, a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

Bearsville, New York 

Region served: Hudson Valley and Catskill Region

Years in real estate: 22

Number of offices: 2  

Number of agents: 55

How has your experience running a successful marketing company proven advantageous in your real estate career? 

Working in marketing and design in London and New York City for many years gave me a jump-start on crafting a cohesive brand identity for our company. We then applied that identity consistently across marketing materials, signage, social media, print and more. People seem to really respond to our logo and signage, commenting that it’s unique and stands out from other real estate companies. My background has also made me more open to new media and marketing opportunities. We’re not going to stay stuck in time.

What factors must be considered when developing a marketing portfolio that speaks directly to consumers’ wants and needs? 

My personal belief is that there needs to be an actual concept underpinning a campaign that resonates with your customers and clients, rather than a trendy “treatment.” Our latest campaign, called, “Let Us Move You,” has been successful with simple, bold typography and a tagline that’s a sort of double entendre—addressing facets of the real estate process but also speaking to moving emotions.

As a second-home specialist, how do you tailor the home-buying experience differently than you would for a first-time buyer? 

We live in a beautiful rural area with several small, vibrant cities scattered throughout. With easy access to the New York metro area, the majority of our second-home buyers are from “the city.” They initially reach out with only a vague idea of our area in terms of geography, amenities and prices. We need to educate buyers so they can be informed consumers, more so than homebuyers who are looking to relocate within their existing area. We spend more time touring through different towns and giving buyers a sense of each area’s unique character.

What types of continuous learning opportunities does your brokerage offer? 

We offer ongoing in-person agent training, ranging from new-agent basic training to social media best practices to advanced CMA classes for experienced agents. I tailor our training to meet the needs of individual agents, as well as different experience levels. We also have amazing learning opportunities through Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® Institute, which offers education on sales, leadership, marketing, relocation and more.

What do you like most about the region in which you work? 

I love our area for its diversity, natural beauty and culture. There’s a very welcoming vibe here in these mountains. I’ve lived in London and New York, and have traveled all over the world, but I made a conscious decision to make my life here—and I’ve never looked back.

Tell us what it means to be part of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE). 

We’re honored to have been selected as a member of LeadingRE. The application process was rigorous, so we’re mindful of what a privilege it is. People recognize the LeadingRE name and now equate us with the quality and prestige of the brand. We’ve also profited from the referral and networking opportunities that members enjoy. We recently joined the New York Metro Group, attending events and networking with our fellow metro area LeadingRE members. It’s amazing how invigorating the events and meetings are, motivating us to be better agents and managers. The insights we’ve received from LeadingRE leadership and other members have been invaluable in these changing times. 

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