Buffini & Company Launches Do It N.O.W. Marketing Campaign

Buffini & Company has unveiled its groundbreaking “Do It N.O.W.” marketing campaign. Do It N.O.W. is an initiative that aims to rewrite the playbook for thriving in a fluctuating market. As the real estate terrain transforms, the key to triumph in tumultuous real estate periods lies in embracing the unexpected. This campaign ushers in a new era of strategic innovation, inviting its members to be pioneers in a market that demands audacity.

Through Do It N.O.W., Buffini stated they are empowering their members with unconventional yet effective and proven tactics, ensuring they do not just endure, but excel with a clear path to elevating their revenue, irrespective of market whims.

The Do It N.O.W. marketing kit will include monthly curated content for Referral Maker® PRO and coached members, according to a release. In addition, the marketing kits will contain exclusive strategies to generate, secure and close listings. Plus, all of the training, marketing assets and resources needed to build clients for life.

Members can expect:

  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Identify the 10 key reasons why people are moving and strategies to reach these individuals
  • Marketing collateral to share with clients
  • A suite of social media and digital assets
  • Videos and scripts from real estate industry expert, Brian Buffini
  • Free training to guide agents through any market obstacles

“Our real estate market has witnessed significant volatility, with professionals and clients alike trying to time the market. This new campaign is our answer to these challenges. It provides agents with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate these uncertain waters. We believe in taking action—’Do It N.O.W.’ is our mantra. With this campaign, we’re not just adapting to the market; we’re leading it,” stated Brian Buffini, chairman and founder of Buffini & Company.

For more information, visit www.buffiniandcompany.com/doitnow.

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