Breaking down Chargers' five games, needing a sweep to have chance at a playoff spot

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He summarized the significance of his team’s latest victory by assigning it maximum value, Brandon Staley going with “10 out of 10.”

Given that fact, how important does that make the Chargers’ next game, against Denver? Safety Derwin James Jr. did not hesitate before declaring “12 out of 10,” explaining AFC West games count double.

Believe it, with their season just one more teeter from toppling, the Chargers would win twice Sunday at SoFi Stadium if they could.

They are 5-7 and 12th in the conference with seven teams ahead of them for three AFC wild-card spots.

With so much traffic blocking their way, finishing 10-7 is the Chargers’ surest path to the postseason, meaning they must win out, the most unlikely of conclusions to a season no one saw unfolding quite like this.

The New York Times’ playoff simulator has the Chargers’ chances of advancing at 7%. If they finish without another defeat — that would be a six-game winning streak for a team that to date hasn’t won more than two in a row — that number goes up to 96%.

All of which means the Chargers have entered the “Hail Mary” portion of their campaign, one final desperate heave about all that remains in a season that has been largely forgettable.

So, let’s look at the remaining five games and why the Chargers could win or lose each, bearing in mind that, historically, more “Hail Marys” are intercepted than completed.

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