Bored of LBDs? Here's Some Party Outfit Inspiration Courtesy of the 90s It Girls

I feel somewhat cheated to have missed out on the glory days of fashion’s party scene in the ’90s. This was of course when Kate Moss was just starting out and becoming Queen of London’s Nightlife, all bandy limbs, slip dresses, cocktails and wild dancing. It was when Liz Hurley was dating Hugh Grant, and the two were so brilliantly posh, glamorous and—I imagine—game for a laugh. It girls were almost born overnight, and dresses got smaller, sandals got strappier and no party was complete without a total showoff or two (even Anna Wintour wore rainbow sequins and sparkly minidresses back then). Hedonistic and full of hot, hot outfits, this is a great era to explore when it comes to your own party looks today. Many of the celebrity-endorsed looks below are particularly current: Versions of Gwyneth Paltrow’s leather trousers, Jennifer Aniston’s signature fitted dress or Victoria Beckham’s chainmail top can all be found from designer brands and in high-street stores.

Many of the most outrageous ensembles were created by the supers, the elite fashion darlings of the time. Naomi Campbell’s going-out wardrobe was nothing short of epic, while Iman’s is lesser known but equally fabulous. Christy, Linda, Claudia and the rest of the gang didn’t hold back, and why would you when you’ve got Gianni Versace on speed dial and more Lacroix jewellery than SJP can shake a corsage at? Keep scrolling to see the best party looks of the ’90s; then carry on for the ultimate outfit edit to pay homage to these perfect outfits 30 years later…

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