Boeing says deliveries of new planes are up, generating much-needed cash for the aircraft maker

Boeing said Tuesday that it delivered 56 commercial planes in November, an increase as the company tries to fix manufacturing problems that have disrupted production of its best-selling aircraft.

Most of the planes were 737 Max jets to airlines and lessors, including eight to United Airlines, seven to Southwest Airlines and five to Ireland’s Ryanair.

With one month left, Boeing is close to achieving its goal of delivering at least 375 737s this year — it has 351 so far. November deliveries nearly matched the total for September and October, when manufacturing issues hindered shipments.

Deliveries are an important source of cash for Boeing, since buyers typically pay a large portion of the purchase price at delivery.

Boeing reported orders for 104 commercial planes after cancellations. The company previously announced an Emirates order for 90 Boeing 777s at the Dubai Air Show.

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