Blond Makes Sustainability a Little More Sexy With Electric Air Heat Pump

There are only a few categories of products as unsexy by nature as a heat pump system, the highly efficient HVAC solution more households are integrating as energy efficient updates. The impetus for buying a heat pump is need, rarely desire; you do so with the very modest hopes they won’t exist as an eyesore. But Y Combinator-backed US startup Electric Air wants to change that perception, offering a residential electric heat pump system that we dare say might do for HVAC as the Tesla Powerwall did for residential energy storage: make them covetable.

Detail of the curve of the Electric Air's residential electric heat pump system wall unit exhaust.

Electric Air’s heat pump system comprises four modules: a Condenser, Air Handler & Humidifier, wall-mounted Air Conditioner, and a Thermostat. Reimagined by London-based design agency Blond under the direction of James Melia, the Electric Air’s all-electric heating and cooling HVAC system features a design language more attuned to home technology devices than traditional clunky HVAC hardware.

Animation of a black Electric Air condenser unit transforming from its wall mounted install to its legs out mode.

The condenser unit can either be mounted to a wall, or transformed to reveal its legs to ensure sound operation throughout unpredictable weather conditions such as snow.

Blond made special effort to neutralize the most conspicuous component, transforming the traditional form of the condenser with an aesthetic similar to a home battery storage system. The unit is designed to be mounted to a wall or set upon legs to ensure sound operation where inclement conditions are a concern.

Close up of the Electric Air's residential electric heat pump system condenser grill in black.

Electric Air's HEPA Filtration unit, a large vertically oriented black rectangle where air filtration and humidity control are handled, set along a sand colored wall and floors.

All four elements of the heat pump system exhibit a warm, minimal approach, with soft curved edges and monochromatic paneling done in either light or dark finishes, mixing matte, gloss, and textured surfaces to handsome effect. Crucially, the four modules are designed to seamlessly integrate into interior and exterior environments without becoming eyesores.

The Electric Air digital display thermostat measuring PM2.5 particulate and CO2 in the air, showing a temperature of 64 degrees and 63 particles with a green box indicating healthy levels.

This warm minimalism is carried over to the brain’s of Electric Air system, the thermostat’s UI, which uses bold, rounded shapes, and an easily discernible typeface with contrasting color palette to improve legibility.

The Electric Air thermostat measures PM2.5 particulate and CO2 in the air, showing a set temperature of 70 degree sand 63 particles measurement within a green box indicating healthy air quality.

It’s obviously not all looks. Electric Air says their system is rated to be 3-5x more efficient than a traditional gas furnace and over the span of each year able to save hundreds to thousands of dollars with typical heating use.

Electric Air heat pump optional wall unit, a long white rectangular box with slot exhaust for air conditioning and heating wall mounted onto a sand colored wall. Shadows of trees splash against the same wall.

The system includes a HEPA filtration system to control air quality and humidity and can be further upgraded with optional wall units eliminating the need for duct work.

Electric Air lists three tier of entry points of pricing for small, medium, and large spaces starting at $14,000 with installation (a 1-2 day process according to the company), including the Federal Tax Credit. The company is taking pre-order payments currently, with an estimated Winter 2024 ship date. For more information, check out

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