Beyond the myths: ADHD explained in powerful comics

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An illustrated overview of ADHD, addressing common misconceptions and illustrating the real challenges faced by those with the condition. Through comic strips, the narrative explains the impact of ADHD on executive function and daily life, debunking the myth that symptoms are a choice or the result of not trying hard enough. It also touches on the less visible inattentive symptoms, aiming to increase awareness and empathy for those living with ADHD.
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Emily Watters is a psychiatrist and can be reached at The Cartoon Shrink. Dr. Watters is an associate clinical professor on the volunteer faculty at the University of California, San Francisco. She currently works in private practice. She has 14 years of experience working in the public sector and previously served as the medical director for the Alameda Health System Intensive Outpatient Programs and the system lead psychiatrist in Contra Costa County. She spent several years working in general shelters for the homeless, where she was a leader in developing psychiatric services for people who are homeless. She loves to teach through comics and has developed talks on comics and advocacy, the neurobiology of methamphetamine disorders, splitting in primary care, the cycle of trauma, substances, and homelessness, as well as psychotic disorders in the hospital setting.


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